Bible Time for Busy Moms (Episode 437) | Ask Pastor John

Being a mother is extremely demanding. Pastor John Piper offers some great advice for wives on how to create time for private Bible reading. Oh, and guess what?…it starts with the husbands. He also spends sometime sharing how this works for single mothers and mothers who do not have the support from the husband. Take a listen.

Some practical steps for Husbands:

  1. The atmosphere of the house has to be brought under parental order.
  2. Dad, establish a play time with the kids everyday.
    1. give you whole attention to your kids everyday at some point during that time she is free to do what she wants.
  3. Build retreats into your lives so that she get a half a day or a day so that she can meet with God.
  4. Lead your wife in the word. So that her desire never wavers because of your example of pursing treasurer in the word.
  5. Give her adult conversations.
  6. Pray for Her.

Listen Here:

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