Classic Authors

The Minimum Christian! – Charles Spurgeon


The minimum Christian! And who is he? The Christian who is going to heaven at the cheapest rate possible. The Christian who intends to get all of the world he can–and not meet the worldling’s doom. The Christian who aims to have as little religion as he may–without lacking it altogether.

In everything give thanks! – Thomas Watson


See what cause the saints have to be frequent in the work of thanksgiving! In this, Christians are defective; though they are much in supplication, yet they are little in thanksgiving. The apostle says. “In everythinggive thanks!” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

The Thanksgiving Lesson – J.R. Miller


Gladness may not be thanksgiving. It certainly is not all of thanksgiving. One may have a heart bubbling with joy, without a note of thanksgiving. The task of happiness is one to which we should all firmly set ourselves. To be miserable in this glorious world, is most unfit.