Different Preachers, Same Gospel


I created this to show various pastors and teachers with different backgrounds, education, races, ages, locations, secondary theological beliefs, and ministerial practices. While these…

There are many roaring devils around us! – Thomas Watson


There is nothing that more troubles a child of God, than that he fears he shall never hold out. “These weak legs of mine,” he says, “will never carry me to Heaven!” But he is kept by the power of God! Once in Christ–forever in Christ. A believer may fall from some degrees of grace–but not from the state of grace.

Common Parent Traps – John MacArthur


If you’ve been a parent for any time at all, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that your child came into the world with an insatiable faculty for evil. Even before birth, your baby’s little heart was already programmed for sin and selfishness. The inclination toward depravity is such that, given free reign, every baby has the potential to become a monster.