For Whom Did Christ Die? – John Owen

The Father imposed His wrath due unto,
and the Son underwent punishment for, either:

Premise 1- All the sins of all men.
Premise 2- All the sins of some men (the elect), or
Premise 3- Some of the sins of all men.

In which case it may be said–
a. That if the third premise is true, all men have some sins
to answer for, and so none are saved.

b. That if the second premise is true, the Christ,
in their stead suffered for all the sins of all the elect
in the whole world, and this is the truth.

c. But if the first premise is true, why are not all men free from
the punishment due unto their sins?
You answer. Because of ‘unbelief’.
I ask, is this unbelief a sin, or is it not? If it is, then Christ
either suffered the punishment due unto it, or He did not.
If He did die for the sin of ‘unbelief’, why must that
hinder them more than their other sins for which He died?
If He did not die for their sin of ‘unbelief’,
then He did not die for all their sins!

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  • If Christ died for all the elect’s sins including their presalvation state of unbelief, then they would never be under God’s wrath and their act of believing would be totally unnecessary. They would never be in the state of Eph 2:1 “And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins”. How could they be categorized as dead in trespasses and sins if Christ paid for their sins including their sin or state of unbelief on the cross. They would never be under God’s judgment, if God was satisfied(propitiated) with Christ’s payment for their unbelief.
    In other words, there would be no reason for the elect ever being under God’s judgment. They would already be saved, because Christ died for their unbelief.
    Why not take God at His word – 1 John 2:2 – not for our sins only, but the sins of the WHOLE WORLD. See also 1 Tim 4:10 – what words could God possibly have used if He truly wanted to tell us that Christ died for everyone – than the ones He used?
    What must one believe in order to be saved – that Christ died for my sins – if you don’t believe that you are condemned – John 3:18,36. How can you be condemned for not believing something that is not true?

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