Matt Chandler – God Is For God (Code Orange Revival)

I don’t normally post things like this, but its a new year! Also, this “Pastor” has a large influence in today modern evangelical movement.  I find it interesting that after this sermon was preached Elevation “Church” took it down. Elevation “Church” is known for their extremely pragmatic-man-centered approach to ministry and the scriptures. I would say it is not a surprise they took the sermon down. The “church” later revealed they took it down because, “The team decided to focus the rebroadcast on Jesus – so we reformatted the content a bit – We are trying to stay in the flow of what the Spirit is leading us to do.” Chris at “Fighting For The Faith” explains more here: Elevation Employee Reveals Reason For Chandler Sermon Censorship

Anyway, here is Matt Chandler’s sermon below. To GOD be the glory.

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Youtube Video:

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  • Notice that El3vation has already started going around the Internet claiming copyright violation and getting this sermon removed from youtube, etc. Unbelievably dumb.

  • Elevation busted their tails to get this done and it was free to the public. It will be on television for everyone to watch and will also be put in a podcast on the elevation site or on their mobile app. Please do not condemn this church for what they are doing. They have made a change in my life and many others.

    • Melbo0610, I would encourage you to listen to Paul Washer. As I think he puts it really well. This church has not caused a change in your life. Christ has. And the change wrought in you (and others) is also not dependent on that church. Furtick has been demonstrated by many others to fall dangerously deficient in scriptural matters, and has been unrepentant on the subject. If anything, God has saved you in spite of this church, not because of it.

      I encourage you to seek the Lord with all you have, and to struggle (i.e. read, learn, and critically think) with the Word daily. And I pray that you will have an opportunity to be blessed to share a Biblical Gospel, and to be used by the Holy Spirit for His purposes.

      • Thank you for your comments.

        Well said Cpt Maverick. I did not condem the church just simply stated the facts and let the evidence speak for itself.

        Your changed life is not proof that what the church is doing is derived from the Biblical Gospel. We could come to the same conclusions about Mormons or JWs. I am sure for some of them their false religion changed their life for what they think is better. However, that doesn’t validate their false doctrine.

        Cpt Maverick said something very important “If anything, God has saved you in spite of this church, not because of it.”

  • I don’t know what is going on but I did see this message on a rebroadcast on the elevation network.

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