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6265103_300These are quotes compiled by DesiringGod.org from the Cross Conference that took place in a couple weeks ago. The topic at the conference centered around missions. May these quotes give a glimps into what the conference was about. I encourage you to listen to some of the sessions, if possible.

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John Piper: “The Chief End of Missions: The Supremacy of God in the Joy of All Peoples” (full message)

  • “There are a thousand needs in the world, and none of them compares to the global need for the gospel.”
  • “I am not a missionary, but I have wanted my life to count for the unreached peoples of the world.”
  • “God aims to look valuable in the world, and that happens when we treasure him above all else.”
  • “If you remove enjoyment of God from faith in God, it ceases to be faith.”
  • “We will not let you choose between being a lover of God and his sovereignty and being a lover of lost people.”
  • “One day America and all its presidents will be a footnote in history, but the kingdom of Jesus will never end.”
  • “God is on the move to rescue people from misery to everlasting happiness, which can only be found in him.”
  • “If you don’t know God as beautiful and satisfying, you don’t know him.”
  • “Jesus came at Christmas to bring glory to God and satisfaction to sinners everywhere.”

Thabiti Anyabwile: “Beauty from Ashes: The Plight of Man and the Purposes of God”

  • “Strategy never saved anyone. Only the gospel saves anyone.”
  • “God is not embarrassed by his wrath or ashamed of his judgment, so we shouldn’t be either.”
  • “If we mitigate the harshness of God’s wrath, we will minimize the urgency of God’s mission.”

Kevin DeYoung: “Five Surprising Motivations for Missions”

  • “Just about everybody in America likes Jesus, but few like him for who he truly is.”
  • “It is our confidence in the sovereign grace of God that gives us any hope of success in missions.”
  • “If you will go to the nations and last, you must rest in the promise that the word of God will do the work of God.”

Conrad Mbewe: “The Death of Death in the Death of Christ: The Good News of a Bloody Cross”

  • “The one word that can describe the misery throughout the human race is death.”
  • “Jesus purchased our redemption by suffering on the cross as a substitute for sinners to satisfy a holy God.”
  • “Our death died at the cross. It did not faint. It died.”
  • “Trust in our works for salvation is the back door to Hell.”

Richard Chin: “Seeing Jesus Properly: The Lord to Gladly Obey Forever”

  • “To take up your cross is to consider it better to die than to live for something other than Jesus.”
  • “My wife’s fatal bout with cancer made her more like Jesus. She lived and died for the glory of Christ.”

Mack Stiles: “The Call of Christ: Inspired, Informed, Confirmed”

  • “I know God’s call for your life. It’s to be an ever-growing disciple of Jesus.”
  • “Without the message of the gospel, you do not have missionary work.”
  • “Don’t take the gospel for granted in certain areas of your life. It’s essential to everything.”
  • “Going to the nations without the support of the local church is a little like baptizing yourself.”

Matt Chandler: “The Life Worth Living for Christ Is a Life Worth Losing”

  • “When we join God in his plan for his global glory, we get to be a part of the cosmic take-your-kid-to-work day.”
  • “There isn’t a violent soul on the planet that God might not save and transform for himself.”
  • “Every missionary I know is extraordinarily ordinary. Everything they do, they do by the grace of God.”
  • “When God saves you, he doesn’t do it because you gave him permission. He did it because he’s God.”
  • “Comfort is the god of our generation, so suffering is seen as a problem to be solved, and not a providence from God.”
  • “Why do we try so hard to make Jesus cool?! He doesn’t need a makeover.”
  • “When we see the bankruptcy, slavery, and vanity of everything else, we can finally say, ‘To die is gain.’”
  • “Nobody dies early.”
  • “In 10,000 years you will not regret anything you didn’t have or do in this life.”
  • “Until Christ is our treasure, any other motivation we have to suffer for him is a fool’s errand.”

Michael Oh: “What Do Cross-Cultural Missionaries Cross Cultures For?”

  • “It takes more than clicking like for a good cause to change the world.”
  • “How great an injustice it is to know about eternal suffering and do nothing.”
  • “Are you a champion of Christ on Twitter, but not in your neighborhood?”
  • “The less money you spend on other things, the more you have to spend on things eternal.”

D.A. Carson: “The Church as the Means and the Goal of Missions”

  • “Sin corrupts even our good deeds. We injure our shoulder trying to pat ourselves on the back.”
  • “The gospel overturns everything sin does.”
  • “The greatest aphrodisiac in marriage is kindness.”
  • “Tragically, we buy the lie that the gospel is only for the unconverted.”
  • “The very love of God is fleshed out in our local churches.”

David Platt: “Mobilizing God’s Army for the Great Commission”

  • “I’m asking every single person listening to this message to lay a blank check before God, open to go wherever he leads.”
  • “Ask, could my gifts, education, career, or experience be used to spread the gospel where it’s needed most?”
  • “What if the word of God was enough to inspire passionate worship among his people?”
  • “Saved people this side of heaven owe the gospel to lost people this side of hell.”
  • “There are no innocent unreached people in the world. Their knowledge of God is only enough to damn them to hell.”
  • “Our God is worthy of the worship of 6,000 more people groups.”
  • “If you can trust God to save you for eternity, you can trust him to lead you for a lifetime.”
  • “Do not underestimate what God can do when the church is sending and workers are going to people who need the gospel.”

Other Piper Quotes from Breakout Sessions

  • “You ought to marry someone who’s willing to go anywhere for God. If they’re not, they’re out.”
  • “You don’t need to see the fruit of your life for there to be real, lasting, exponential fruit.’
  • “Don’t let your personality keep you from missions. God gave it to you and has a place for you to use it for his glory.”
  • “The Great Commission will not get done if we’re not ready to risk our lives and the lives of our family.”
  • “God doesn’t waste anything for those who are yielded to him.”
  • “Bitterness about your parents’ brokenness will kill you. Be the grace-filled end of generational sin in your family.”
  • “Do not be more devoted to your own brain than you are to the Bible.”
  • “God is not worn out running the galaxy. He’s not taxed at all guiding every dust particle all the time.”
  • “All your money is God’s, not just 10%.”
  • “I challenge everyone who hasn’t yet to memorize Romans 8 in 2014. It is useful for everything everywhere all the time.”
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