Sermon Notebook: 3-4-2012 | (Re)Introducing Jesus – Jorge Mendoza

Yesterday and Sunrise Bible Pastor Jorge Mendoza preached on Luke 3:15-22.


Yesterday at Sunrise Bible Pastor Jorge Mendoza preached on Luke 3:15-22. Below you will find quotes and also notes from the sermon.

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Here is a compilation of tweets Jared at Depraved Wretch put together:

“Fire doesn’t just cleanse and purify, it also destroys and consumes. The one that saves is the same one that condemns.”

“Those who bear fruit will be welcomed, but to the wicked He will say “depart from Me, I never knew you.”

“Our guilt is to such a degree that it will forever fuel the fires of hell.”

“The lips that once said “come to me” will be the same ones to say “depart from me.” The good news is there’s still time to come.”

“Many people today listen to sermons gladly and respect the preaching of the Gospel, but still refuse to repent.”

“Agreeing with the Gospel won’t save you. Obeying the Gospel saves you!”

“You cannot push away the Gospel without pushing yourself away from God and His blessings.”

“There is a pleasure that is deeper & more satisfying than anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s enduring & without regret.”

“We are sons of God by grace. He [Jesus] is Son of God by nature.”

“Christ is not only where we find pleasure, but He also makes us pleasing to the Father.”

“Acceptance with the Father is not earned. It is given.”

“When we come to find out what God is really like. We no longer ask “what kind of a God would send people to hell?” We ask “What kind of a God is this that He would give His son for a sinner like me?”

**As with all my notes, please listen to the sermon to understand the context of the notes.

Luke 3:15-22

  • v15 the people where in expectation
  • they wondered if he could be the one.
  • v16 – I baptize you with water. I am not even worth the lowest elves job in the house.
  • The greatest man born amoung woman is not worth
  • his baptism is greater than mine
  • The ministry of the one who is coming does the real work
  • by the spirit we are made spiritually alive
  • he saved us not by works of our own but because he is good
  • he came to do the work inside of us
  • there is only one person who can fix the problem
  • he who is coming is greater than me
  • the spirit is poured out on us rrichly through Jesus christ
  • preachers like john can point out the problem but can’t fix the problem
  • Christ not only saves but consumed
  • v17 – he is also one day going to purify the world
  • harvest has an appointed end so does history
  • to the wicked he will say depart from me, I never knew you
  • the fires of hell will never go away because our crimes are of infinante degree
  • the one that saves is the same one that condems
  • the goodnews is you can still come, he is not done
  • he is being patient toward you
  • the marks of suffering proves the offer is real
  • the day of the lord wwill come like a theif
  • v19 – there are those who refuse to come
  • harod did not like being called out on his sin
  • Luke says he did other evil things
  • there was more going on the harods heart
  • mark 7: Harod feared john, harod heard him and kept him safe
  • He listened to him gladly
  • like harod they wont repent.
  • harods wife hated him and would later atvthe request of her daughter kill john
  • ipeople aare afraid to give up their pleasures so thy don’t repent
  • john 3. like has come into the world but they stay in the darkness
  • agreeing with the Gospel doesnt save you.
  • what sinners think is freedom is actually salvery
  • the Bible says those pleasures are passing pleasures
  • You can enjoy the passing pleasures for a season but the will soon be over
  • they shut out the witnesses in their life.
  • something happens to people who reject the Gospel
  • they same son that melts the wax hardened the clay
  • v21 – now when all the people where baptized the heavens were open.
  • this means we are about get aa lesson about what reality is all about
  • God is about to show us something of him
  • the dove marked the ministry. a symbol of tenderness and gentalness
  • he comes to bind up the broken hearted
  • a voice came from heaven, you are my beloved son of whom I am well pleased.
  • God acknologes before all that this is my son.
  • we are sons of God by grace he is son of God by nature
  • when he looks at his son he sees perfection.



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