Stumbling Stone or Stepping Stone? – Pastor Jorge Mendoza

Here is a sermon by Pastor Jorge Mendoza from Sunrise Bible Church in San Jose, CA.

Here is a sermon by Pastor Jorge Mendoza from Sunrise Bible Church in San Jose, CA.  The text this week is Luke 2:34-35. We have been traveling through the Gospel of Luke verse by verse and it has been edifying.  Here are my notes from this weeks sermon. These notes are really rough and are just randomly jotted down from the sermon. So, please listen to the sermon to get the context of the notes.

If you are new to Bible exposition you will notice that Pastor Jorge derives the point of the sermon from the text. Not the other way around. Also, Bible exposition causes the Pastor to preach on the difficult things in the Bible and not neglect them. I will discuss later this week on the differences of Topical and Expositional preaching.



  • “Behold” is a heads up to tell us to listen up.
  • We need to understand what kind of Savior he is.
  • Jesus never promises your problems would go away. He said in the world we will have tribulation, trouble, and distress.
  • be of good courage he said he would never leave you
  • God is building something of the earth and that is his church.
  • we are so lost that this child had to come.
  • people do not like the diagnosis and the Savior.
  • as you cone come to him a living stone rejected by men, are being built up.
  • Jesus Christ is the alter on where God will accept you.
  •  We never lose to associate with him, but it will cost to associate with him
  • Jesus is in the temple. Don’t you know I have to be at my fathers house? -Jesus
  • the sword going through he soul is the death of her agenda.
  •  we know that Mary was in the upper room.
  • The pain was real and the price was paid.
  •  It may cost you your family, friends.
  •  those who follow him continue to announce his fame.
  •  God does a work that reveals where each of us stands
  •  He reveals to us what God is like (Jesus that is)
  •  in order to save us he had to pay the price.
  •  not only did he have to he did it willingly
  •  How we respond to God reveals that our hearts are way out of tune with God.
  •  God has appointed a day in which he will judge the world
  •  I am the way the truth and the life.
  •  he who has the son has life, he who does not have to son rejects him
  •  if you reject Jesus then you reveal in your heart what you treasure.
  •  it reveals your heart not you opinion.
  •  behold he lives forever more

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