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The Gospel – Paul Washer

Posted on 27 January 2012 by Nathan D

What is the Gospel? Today there are so many  variations of the people think The Gospel is that the meaning of The Gospel has been lost.  Paul Washer’s Gospel-Christ Centered preaching was a huge part of the change in my “Theological Trajectory”, if you will. Paul Washer explains in this message what the Gospel is and what it looks like. Take time to listen to this message.


Here are some quotes from the message (Thanks Jared for compiling these quotes):

‎”God does not love us because we deserve His love. God loves us because He himself is love.” – Paul Washer

“We have a great majority of people living in America that claim to be Christian, but live like devils and God’s name is blasphemed because of them.” – Paul Washer

“The people who claim to know Christ and yet live in a way that contradicts the word of Christ and the character of Christ; they are not Christian. A person that is truly saved has been born again.” – Paul Washer

‎”Christians are not sinless or perfect, they will struggle with sin and may even fall. But in the midst of that weakness it will be evident that God is working, teaching, disciplining and bringing them to greater heights of Christian maturity and holiness. Is that you?” – Paul Washer

‎”Since your supposed conversion are you growing in your devotion to God and your love for Christ? Are you growing in holiness or are you the same person you were when you began?” – Paul Washer

“One of the problems in the west is we have no concept anymore of a father’s authority and therefore we cannot understand the work of God in the heart of a man. God looks at His children and he says “You will be clean. (Ezekiel 36:25)” – Paul Washer

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